NPC Pensioners’ Parliament

The annual NPC Pensioners’ Parliament is widely regarded as one of the most important activities in the pensioner movement’s calendar. There is nothing else like it in the country and over the years the event has developed a number of key roles:

  • Education – enabling people to find out new information that they can then use in their campaigning
  • Networking – offering the chance to get together, share ideas and build friendships
  • Debate – providing a forum for people to discuss ideas and have their say
  • Rally – inspiring the movement to continue its united campaign on key issues

The opportunity to build a united pensioners’ movement, under the co-ordination and leadership of the National Pensioners Convention is what the Pensioners’ Parliament is all about.

This year’s NPC Pensioners’ Parliament took place from 17-19 June 2014, Winter Gardens, Blackpool. A copy of the draft programme is available here.

An edited transcript of last year’s Opening Rally is available to download here. A full report of the entire event is available to download here.