Pensioners’ Manifesto

Read the NPC’s Pensioners’ Manifesto and briefing paper for the forthcoming General Election on 8 June. We are asking supporters to:

  • Circulate the information amongst their contacts
  • Order copies of the Manifesto to send to your prospective MPs/candidates

We will also be producing a comparison of the manifestos once the information is available.

New State Pension

The NPC is critical of the new state pension that was introduced on 6 April 2016. We have raised a number of concerns with ministers and have a range of information on the subject, the most detailed of which is contained in the best selling pamphlet, For What It’s Worth, priced £1 plus p&p. You can order a copy by emailing The NPC will also shortly be meeting with Richard Harrington, Minister for Pensions to raise our concerns.

Universal Pensioner Benefits

The NPC is committed to defending the current universal pensioner benefits, such as the winter fuel allowance and free bus pass. We have specific concerns about the government’s recent announcement that the over 75s’ TV licence would be passed to the BBC by 2018-20, which we are continuing to raise with the government, opposition and the broadcaster. We also have a pamphlet which outlines the case for universal benefits entitled Sir Alan Sugar and the Missing Bus Pass, priced £1 plus p&p. You can order a copy by emailing

Fair Care

The current social care system is in crisis and failing to deliver support for many older people and their families. The NPC is calling for a new type of social care system – a National Health and Social Care Service – integrated with the NHS and funded through taxation. A detailed submission to Parliament on the issue is available here.

The NPC is also concerned about the future of Attendance Allowance and government plans to devolve responsibility and funding for the benefit to local authorities. We are asking supporters to send a letter to their MPs on the issue. You can download a copy of the model letter here.

Fuel Poverty campaign 

The NPC is campaigning to defend and improve the winter fuel allowance, especially given rising fuel prices and the 15 year high figure for excess winter deaths among older people. The official figures on last winter’s excess death rate will be released in late November and the NPC will be staging a number of protests to coincide with the announcement.

Accessibility on public transport

The NPC is concerned that older and disabled people are not disadvantaged when travelling on public transport. Proposed changes to remove staff from stations or guards from trains can have a seriously detrimental effect on older travellers and it is vital that their needs are taken into account before simply cutting back on services. As part of this campaign, the NPC has produced a short report into the problems older travellers can face when getting on and off of trains. The report can be accessed here.

End frozen pensions

For sometime the NPC has been supporting the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) in its campaign to ensure that all UK pensioners, wherever they live, receive an annual increase in their state pension. The ICBP website can be viewed at: A joint ICBP/NPC pamphlet is available which outlines the case for the campaign, priced £1 plus p&p. You can order a copy by emailing

Dignity Code  

The NPC has created a dignity code to uphold the rights and maintain the personal dignity of older people, within the context of ensuring the health, safety and well being of those who are increasingly less able to care for themselves or to properly conduct their affairs. We have asked a number of professional health bodies, regulators and charities if they will sign up to the code. Many local authorities have done so, along with scores of MPs and health bodies. You can download a copy of the code here.

Save Our Buses

The NPC is a member of the Campaign for Better Transport, which is currently running a Save Our Buses campaign to make the case for buses to government and to support bus users to defend their local services.

You can find out how to get involved by visiting their website at

Generations United

The NPC is committed to building solidarity between the generations and opposes attempts to divide up the different age groups in society. We have made a detailed submission on the issue of intergenerational fairness to the Work and Pensions Select Committee. A copy of the submission can be downloaded here. The NPC has also teamed up with Unite the Union to produce a pamphlet entitled Uniting the Generations, which sets out the basic arguments for intergenerational solidarity. You can order a copy priced £1 plus p&p by emailing

Parliamentary Support Group                                               

Early in 2011 the NPC set up a Parliamentary Support Group of cross-party politicians to support the work of the NPC. The group is convened by Luton North MP, Kelvin Hopkins. The group meets regularly and is open to any MP to join. Please ask your MP if they wish to get involved.