NPC Structure

The NPC’s federal structure promotes the principle of delegatory democracy, so that the widest possible number of pensioners can have their views represented and discussed, and in turn, receive information and material, through the structures of their own organisations.

Local pensioner groups and forums are therefore encouraged to affiliate to their NPC regional body and that body has representation on both the NPC Executive Committee (EC) and National Council (NC). They can also join the NPC directly, so as to ensure that they receive all the important information, publications and newsletters.

Likewise, local branches of retired trade unionists and federations can have their views promoted via their national body’s delegates to the EC and NC.

In addition, major policy issues, changes to the constitution and the election of the NPC’s officers are dealt with at the Biennial Delegate Conference open to all recognised national affiliates and regional groups.

The NPC’s structure is as follows:

All affiliates receive regular pamphlets, briefing papers, general campaign information and bulk copies of the NPC’s newspaper – The Message. Most importantly, groups also have the opportunity to join the NPC’s regional group covering their area and through that body, elect the leadership of the NPC, determine its policies and have a say on the Convention’s NC and EC.

To assist the EC in developing the role and policy of the NPC, the organization also has a number of working parties with specific interests. These include: finance, structure, pensions and income, health, social care, transport, black and ethnic elders, women and trade unions. These working parties regularly organise events and produce information materials, but remain responsible to the EC for their activities.

A copy of the latest NPC constitution can be downloaded here.