Pensioners’ Parliament and the General Election

By now you will be aware that the Prime Minister has called the General Election for 8 June. Since the announcement, the NPC has been considering how best to proceed, given that the date and the associated campaigning clashes with the Pensioners’ Parliament.

We have now decided to go ahead as follows:

  1. The march and opening rally on 6 June will take place as planned from 2-4pm (speakers to be confirmed)
  1. An election hustings meeting on 6 June from 7-9pm will be organised (providing the political parties agree to send representatives)
  1. Individual sessions on 7 June will go ahead as planned
  1. The social evening on 7 June will go ahead as planned
  1. There will be no formal session on the final morning of 8 June (although something informal may be organised nearer the time and delegates will be notified)

I appreciate that this is a slight change to the usual programme, but these circumstances are beyond our control and take account of the fact that the election means that some delegates and speakers are no longer able to attend. I hope you understand the difficult position it has put us in, and accept that we will continue to work hard to make the event successful and enjoyable for everyone there.

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary



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