NPC launches “No More Winter Deaths” online poster campaign

Britain’s biggest pensioners’ organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has today launched an online poster campaign urging its 1.5m members to email energy secretary Ed Davey over the number of older people that die every year of cold related illnesses. The campaign comes as the debate around fuel prices intensifies and follows an announcement by Public Health England that those in fuel poverty should heat fewer rooms and at different temperatures.
Dot Gibson, NPC general secretary said: “Every year over 25,000 older people die in this country from cold related illnesses and the best the government can do is to tell people to put a jumper on. Most of the big six energy companies have now announced eye watering increases in their charges and rather than tackle the scandal of fuel poverty, the government has instead redefined what it is, so as to cut down on the official number of those who cannot afford to keep warm. Ministers have got to get a grip on the problem and start addressing the need for higher winter fuel payments, widespread insulation programmes and the introduction of a block on the right of energy companies to simply put up bills without any regard to the economic climate in which they operate. It is a national scandal that ever year thousands of older people die from the cold. This has got to stop.”
A copy of the online poster can be viewed here.
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